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Flights and Allotments

a) The flights are likely to start from 07th  September, 2013 and the flight allotment  will  be  intimated  to  the  Pilgrims  15  days  in  advance.

Confirmation  in  respect  of  flight  allotment  will  be  sent  by  post  to confirmed  Pilgrims  by  Haj  Committee  of  India,  Mumbai,  through departure Intimation Card / SMS.  The same will be available on the website of Haj Committee of India.  In no case the flight dates of the Pilgrims shall be changed.  Pilgrims are informed that they have to travel by the allotted flight as per schedule.

b) The Haj Committee of India reserves the right to cancel or transfer the seats from one flight to another flight, if situation so warrants.  The date given in Departure Intimation Card is tentative and the seat shall be confirmed only on the basis of availability of seats in a particular flight after  reporting  of  the  pilgrims  in  the  Haj  Camp  Office  at  the Embarkation Point.  Pilgrims are advised not to agitate in respect of flight date while reporting.

c) The pilgrims and their relatives should co-operate with the officials of the State / Union Territory Haj Committee and Haj Committee of India and maintain a decent behavior. Manhandling of the officials on duty in Haj Camp Office by the Pilgrim or their relatives would attract suitable action from Haj Committee of India, which may amount to cancellation of Haj journey.

d) The Airline companies are governed by relevant Laws / rules to provide food / snacks / transit  accommodation  and  other  facilities  in  case  of flight delays/cancellations. 

ii) Commencement of Flights:

For Haj 1434 (H) 2013 it is expected that the Phase-I (outward) flights will be commenced from 07.09.2012 and will be concluded on 11.10.2013.

iii). Return Flights:

Return journey dates from Jeddah / Madinah Munawwarah are allotted strictly in the order of Pilgrim's arrival at Jeddah / Madinah Munawwarah.

Pilgrims are, therefore, advised to note their return dates mentioned on the return tickets and report at Jeddah / Madinah Munawwarah Airport (8) eight hours in advance of the departure time of their flight.

Date given on the return tickets are O.K. and final. The Pilgrims are, however, advised to confirm the same at Indian Haj Mission, Makkah Mukarramah or Indian Haj Mission, Madinah Munawwarah in their own interest. If the Pilgrims fail to reach Jeddah / Madinah Munawwarah airport in time and miss the specified flight, the Haj Committee of India shall not be responsible fortheir return journey and such Pilgrims shall not be entitled to any refund.

Such Pilgrims shall have to make their own arrangements, at their own risk and cost for their return journey. All Pilgrims are, therefore, requested to reach Jeddah / Madinah Munawwarah airport on time to catch their return flights to avoid hardships.

Haj Committee of India makes arrangements for journey in their capacity as Charterers. The Haj Committee of India cannot, therefore, accept any liability for damage, loss, injury, accident, delay or any other irregularity, which may occur on account of negligence or default of the persons concerned with the arrangements. The Haj Committee of India also accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes in the running of the flight and any other services, unfavourable weather conditions, strike, civil / political disturbances, war, quarantines, natural calamities, ACTOF ALLAH or technical snags of the aircraft. All such losses or expenses must be borne by the Pilgrims. The Haj Committee of India reserves the right to cancel or postpone the flight due to insufficient load or any other reasons.