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Haj 2015

 Haj 2015 Information and Downloads will be available soon.

Haj Committee Of India

The Haj Committee of India commonly known as Central Haj Committee (CHC) has been established under the Haj Committee Act 2002, for making arrangements for the pilgrimage of Muslims for Haj, and for matters connected.. haj committee of india

Ministry of Haj

The Ministry of Hajj (Saudi Arabia) is the authority concerned with the implementation of the State policy connected with Hajj, pilgrims. It is the government body that coordinates with all government authorities & sectors that concerned with Hajj and Umrah..

Guidelines for Haj 2014


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In case of cancellations, refunds will be allowed after making following deductions/penalties:

* Deduction of Rs.500/- towards establishment/documentation charges.

1. These provisions will not, however, apply if cancellation is due to death of the pilgrim or very serious ailment / accident which renders the pilgrim unfit for travel. In such cases only Rs.500/- will be deducted per pilgrim.

2. These provisions will not also apply to the accompanying family y members of the pilgrim, whose cancellation is covered in sub-para (i) above. The family members here means wife, husband, father, mother, son, daughter, sister and brother only. In such cases also only Rs. 500/- will be deducted per pilgrim.

3. Since charter tickets are non transferable, no refund is payable even if return journey portion remains unutilized for any reason. Only as a special case, in case of death of a pilgrim in Saudi Arabia, nominee of deceased will be refunded one-way Air fare.

4. Non-reporter means a pilgrim who is allotted a flight but who does not report at the embarkation point. A pilgrim whose request for cancellation is received after departure of the allotted flight, will be treated as non-reporter.

5. Refund process will be taken up only after completion of entire Haj season. Refund claims should be accompanied with copies of all pay-in-slip, Medical / Death certificate.


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