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Haj 2015

 Haj 2015 Information and Downloads will be available soon.

Haj Committee Of India

The Haj Committee of India commonly known as Central Haj Committee (CHC) has been established under the Haj Committee Act 2002, for making arrangements for the pilgrimage of Muslims for Haj, and for matters connected.. haj committee of india

Ministry of Haj

The Ministry of Hajj (Saudi Arabia) is the authority concerned with the implementation of the State policy connected with Hajj, pilgrims. It is the government body that coordinates with all government authorities & sectors that concerned with Hajj and Umrah..

Guidelines for Haj 2014


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Banned Items and other restrictions:

1. Carrying any inflammable articles viz. kerosene, petrol, stove etc. in any form is prohibited. Any pilgrim found carrying an of these articles, will invite legal punishment.

2. The import of Khash-khash, Viagara-tablets, Sexual oil and cream, Synthetic Capore, Cystone, Khammera, Gutkha, Kaini, Gul, Pipermint or narcotics in any form into the KSA is banned. All the pilgrims are, therefore, advised in their own interest not to carry these items.

3. Government of Saudi Arabia has banned carrying all political literature, photographs or pornographic material of any kind while visiting Saudi Arabia for Haj. Violation of these instructions, will invite severe punishment from Saudi Government.

4. The Government of Saudi Arabia has banned carrying of foodstuff, cooked or uncooked. Haj pilgrims are not permitted to carry oil, ghee, pickles, fish, sweetmeats, vegetables, fruit and similar articles etc., with them either in their personal baggage or otherwise. The Customs Authorities at Jeddah or at the Indian Airport itself will confiscate such items and the pilgrims will have to face hardship. The pilgrims are therefore, advised in their own interest not to carry the eatables with them while proceeding for Haj.

5. The pilgrims are advised not to carry their tickets / travel documents, extra cash, jewelry or other valuables while going to Mina. Cooking is strictly prohibited in Mina. Pilgrims should carry no gas ring / cooker / cylinder or kerosene stove or any inflammable articles to Mina.

6. In Madinah Munawwarah, Markazia area, cooking is strictly prohibited. However, in other areas if facility exists, it can be used.

7. The Saudi Government does not permit pilgrims to engage themselves in business activity. Therefore carrying of any goods / articles in large quantity for commercial purpose is prohibited. Any pilgrim missing his / her flight on account of this restriction will be doing so on his / her own risk and the passage money of such pilgrim will be forfeited.

8. Any beggar in the guise of pilgrim proceeding to Haj through HCoI will be dealt with strictly and action taken as per prevailing laws.

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