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Haj 2015

 Haj 2015 Information and Downloads will be available soon.

Haj Committee Of India

The Haj Committee of India commonly known as Central Haj Committee (CHC) has been established under the Haj Committee Act 2002, for making arrangements for the pilgrimage of Muslims for Haj, and for matters connected.. haj committee of india

Ministry of Haj

The Ministry of Hajj (Saudi Arabia) is the authority concerned with the implementation of the State policy connected with Hajj, pilgrims. It is the government body that coordinates with all government authorities & sectors that concerned with Hajj and Umrah..

Guidelines for Haj 2014


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When seats become available due to cancellations or otherwise, the applicants in the wait list of the State/UT shall be provisionally selected strictly in the serial order of the wait list. In States/UT where there are three waitlists, first the applicants of RWL-A shall be selected, in the serial order, followed by RWL-B and the GWL. Similarly, if there are two waitlists, first the applicants or RWK shall be selected, in the serial order, followed by GWL. There shall be no jumping in the wait list.

Provisional selections shall be made only for complete Covers and in no case shall a Cover be split.

HCoI shall intimate the selections against cancellations to the SHC who shall communicate the fact of their selection to those applicants.


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